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A Letter from Mike
I would like to thank my parents for all of the support throughout my life.  In my music career they have not only tolerated my practicing of both trumpet and bagpipes in the house, but they have nurtured this talent and encouraged me to continue practicing, playing, and improving.  Words on this site cannot express all of my gratitude towards them as they have been loving parents, wonderful role models, and have afforded me many things in my life.

Thanks to my family and friends for being there to encourage me to play and support me at my different events.

A special thanks to my lovely wife Stephanie who encourages me to continue doing this hobby that I enjoy.  Her support has made it possible for me to be in a wonderful relationship and still spend time on my hobbies.  Stephanie is in charge of my Marketing and Public Relations and also constructed this site for me!

                                                                      Love you all,